This was a very special shoot for me as it was a wedding proposal shoot one of the first for me, and I was so excited to capture it.  Peter had emailed a month or so before the proposal to ask if this was something I would capture, of course I jumped at the chance. I had photographed Peter’s sister’s wedding Frieda two years previously before, so Peter know my style from their wedding. As this shoot needed to be sutle as this was all a surprise for his future wife Orlaith. The plan was to have the shoot at Lough Key Forest park and half way through the shoot he was going to propose. I had given him to thumbs up to say which spot was the best to ask, which was beside the water in front of the castle.  I could see from the first 30min of the shoot Orlaith and Peter were meant to be for each other. I captured amazing shots of them both, and the weather was ok but their was a shower on it’s way. As we walked down to the area where Peter was going to ask Orlaith. it poured rain!!! But it was actually quite nice as I captured some nice umbrella shots of them both under the tree cuddling each other. Then thank fully the rain stop and the sun came out, it was PERFECT!!

I had told them both I needed to go to the car to get extra batteries and told them to walk down beside the water , but Peter knew this was his moment to ask her, ( as i was hiding in the tress to capture the moment)

Peter held Orlaith’s hand and walked her down half way on the walk way. He pulled the ring from his pocket and got down on one knee and asked Orlaith to be his wife. She said yes! and the joy on her face was a moment never to be forgotten and I have it all captured…

When I pretended to come back I gave them both a huge hug and congratulated them. Orlaith was over the moon and her ring was stunning. For the rest of the shoot,  I captured sweet moments between them both, and of course showing off her fab engagement ring. Congratulations on pulling off such an intricate surprise proposal Peter, and for having me their to capture it. How amazing is that.. to have these beautiful memories

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