I have know both Irene and David since I was 12 years old.  I am great friends with Irene’s sister Deirdre and her brother Peter, whom is best friends with David. From the moment I knew them both, they were two people with hearts of gold. Obviously, they were not going out when we were young, but when I heard they were going out, I was over the moon and to be honest not surprised, as they are so well matched. Irene is the sort of girl whom will light up a room with her smile, and will always make everyone fell included and at ease. David is a true gentleman whom will talk till the cows come home ( Literally !)


When they both enquired with me to photograph their wedding day, I was ecstatic! It means so much to me when a couple entrusts me with documenting their day. Irene and David are such a happy couple and everyone are so happy for them .

Their wedding took place in Tang church on July 16th it was a day to remember! They both love farming tractors, sheep, cows you name it Farming…. This theme was brought right throughout their wedding day, with the best bride and groom entrance I have every seen ( Arriving in a tractor and to note not just any tractor a John Deere Tractor) It was truly a magical day, a wonderful display of love between them both but also so many people on the day.



Irene and David’s bridal party was made up of six of their most loved friends who were visibly so happy to be a part of their day and I have to say that those bridesmaids dresses were so unusual and worked so well for their theme. However the bridesmaids were stunners so as my mum always says “ it’s the peg its on”

Of course we can’t forget the handsome grooms men whom brought a whole new level of fun and craic to their wedding day..

My favourite moment of every wedding, is when the groom sees his bride for the first time and when David saw Irene walking up the aisle,

You couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. The church ceremony was said by Irene’s uncle James and with the help also of Fr Gerry, whom both made it relaxed and memorable. After family photos at the church we headed to Hodson Bay Hotel. I always stop off before we enter the hotel on the golf course to capture photos of the bridal party and the couple. However with Irish weather as always, it was raining, but I knew it would stop, so we waited for 10min, and yes it did stop. Leaving us with a good 35min to take photos. And wow did we get amazing shots. I will let the images speak for themselves. Irene and David, thank you for inviting us to document this amazing day and for inviting us as your guests! We loved being a part of the beginning of a wonderful new journey in life together, and to be able to create those lifetime memories for you both is an honor.

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