So you have picked your dream wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses are chosen too. Now you need to pick your wedding bouquet. So how do you chose the right bouquet for you and your dress and not forgetting your bridesmaids dresses. When we think about wedding bouquets usually, we think of colour first. But remember your wedding bouquet is more than just a bunch of flowers, it is a reflection of your personality ( by the flowers you choose) and is used throughout the whole day as a prop for your wedding photos. This is why it is so important in choosing the right arrangement for you. To tick all the boxes of getting the Right Size, Shape, and Colour of a flower bouquet is not as easy as it may seem. So here are a few tips of mine, and from my experience of photographing brides with bouquets.

So lets start with Size first,
Here is a diagram of all the different shapes of wedding bouquets: ( courtesy of Iridescent Blush – Blooms & Bridal)

Bouquets styles

Each shape bouquet above will either compliment or spoil a wedding dress. Why?

Every bride is different in both shape and size, and when picking your wedding bouquet keep in mind you want it to emphasise your dress while also working with your shape.

Tear drop If you are Petite a tear drop bouquet is round at the top and pointed at the bottom, it creates the illusion of length. This bouquet also works well with tall brides because it creates focus at the bottom half of their body. A composite bouquet which consists of individual petals to form a large flower works perfect also with petite and shorter brides.


Composite Bouquet


For a full figured bride I would suggest to go with a Casade. A cascade is round at the top and has a waterfall of flowers that flow out from the bottom. This works well also with a bride wearing a full bridal dress. This type of bouquet create the illusion of a slimmer body. However don’t have this bouquet to heavy as from experience photographing brides, when they are to heavy they become a uncomfortable to carry.


This bouquet is small round and compact. This is the most popular bouquet I have seen over the years, this bouquet is also perfect choice for a brides on the shorter side, however if you are a tall bride or have a slightly wider figure, I suggest choosing this style but with a more fuller and larger arrangement.

One of my favourite styles of bouquets is the hand tied style and Nosegay, as you can be as elaborate and playful with the style as you like.

Remember for a taller full figure bride choose larger bouquets, and for the petite bride choose a smaller bouquet. As well keep in mind the more elaborate you have your bouquet the more expensive it will be. Your florist will help you choose the best flowers to suit you and your dress, bridesmaids colours and your budget. Plus make sure you are comfortable with the size, as you will be holding it most of the day.

Next Colour
I get asked this question a lot what colour flowers should I choose? Every answer is different, the time of year will dictate your choice of colours and the colours of your bridesmaids dresses as well.
Firstly, I recommend you bring a picture of your wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses to your florist so she/he can help you decide upon the colours.

I think it is best to break it up into sections, you can choose an all white bridal bouquet, a colourful bouquet, a white bridal bouquet with colour, or a seasonal bouquets.
This is all personal taste, however I will give tips on these selections.

If you are to choose a white bridal bouquet be very careful as a white or ivory bouquet against a white/ivory dress doesn’t always photograph so well, it all depends on how the bouquet is arranged, for example here it works perfectly,

however you can inject lots of greenery into the bouquet, this is then more on the delicate side and creates a more boho subtle look.

Colourful bouquets oh yes I am a lover of them, colour will enhance your wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses. However remember if you have particular flowers in mind they are not always in season so please do talk to your florist regarding this.

Seasonal bridal bouquets

Seasonal bridal bouquets are stunning in my opinion as they tie in with the time of year you are getting married in. For example if you are getting married in Spring you can have a wild flower arrangement which looks totally amazing, if that is a look you want to achieve. I also find the loose arrangements look beautiful with the more simplistic wedding dress and the tighter arrangement looks best with the more detailed fuller dress. Remember you don’t want your wedding bouquet to cover up the details on your dress and some dresses have waist band belts, which contain most of the detail.

A guide to choosing the colour of flowers for your wedding.

Spring : Oh What a lovely time of year to be married, not only are you as a couple starting a new beginning together but the nature around you is to. Spring time allows you to dive into the wilderness and choose wonderful colours like light greens, lilac grey, light browns, serenity and of course buttercup ( yellow)

Summer : a time to be adventurous , a summer wedding allows you to choose colours that maybe you could not in winter or spring. I love blues, purples and yellows in the summer both dark and medium pallets colours work brilliantly. Also the colours you choose during spring work well in summer time too.

Autumn : Oh my favourite time of year to capture weddings. Why? because the Autumn nature colours are so beautiful and the autumn light is amazing to shoot in. Autumn usually has colour pallets of golds, reds, oranges, greens, blues and reds. These colours will look amazing in an autumn background. Your dress will pop in the beautiful nature of the autumn colours. Both light and dark colours work well in this season.

Winter : Winter time is a time of year you can have lots of sparkle if you wish, and choosing bolder colours to compliment the bare outdoors. However because there is not much growth during winter time, and the tress are bare, your darker colours will compliment this winter look, along with it’s warm light. My top selection of colours for winter are Silvers, browns, of course reds, greens & purples really any dark colour will look great at that time of year.

As a photographer I like my brides to hold their bouquets to the side, as well as to the front.
To conclude a bouquet will inject that extra spice of colour and personality to your photos, I have seen many brides add personal touches too, to their bouquets. For example adding a brooch or a bracelet from a past loved one, or a locket containing a picture of a past loved member of the family. ( see below)

My advice is to research online the colours you like and then speak to your florist about both the size and style of bouquet you want and type of flowers available to create that look


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